Friday, October 14, 2011

Why do I go to Whole Foods?

My local whole foods was having a sale on shrimp. I ended up doing my weekly grocery shopping there, rather than my local Trader Joe's. While I love the concept of eating organic foods 100% of the time, sometimes I find that Whole Foods is a little silly. When you parouse the isles you find that there's not only organic coffee but organic coffee hand picked in a fair trade Guatemalean field that's sustainably planted and powered by the neighboring wind farm. All of this can be yours for a mere $40 a pound... Really? Do we really need to pay $40 a pound for coffee to feel like we're good citizens? Can't we just accept that the generic french roast will do?

Sometimes it's a bit rediculous. My child doesn't care if his pasta is whole wheat, flax infused, organic fair trade. It's macaroni that he'll mush into his tray before making it (about 75% of the time) to his mouth where he doesn't chew, just swallows, the pasta whole.

In addition to that, I'm always trying to stretch my budget. Sometimes the brand name, non-organic is good enough. I wasn't raised on organic food and I don't have a third arm.

While I'm on my soap box, I'll also point out that eating organic is EXPENSIVE. It's really hard to get organic coupons. The organic coupons I do have are a result of me filling out surveys (yawn) and submitting my email address. So is all of the spam in my junk mail folder really worth the effort (or the amount of spam). It's a conundrum that I have yet to solve.

In the meantime, I'll keep shopping at Trader Joe's, which I find to be much more reasonable than Whole Foods.

Disclaimer: For those of you that LOVE Whole Foods and find eating organic to be a breeze, I commend you. If ate only organic foods I'd probably be thinner and a lot healthier.

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