Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who knew? Baby sign language works… sort of

I've spent the past week signing "Mom", "Dad", "drink" and "eat" to my 14 month old. The first few days he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. After a few days of keeping it up I wondered if I had lost my mind. It was one of those times where you realize that you're talking to your child in the grocery store and saying things like "would you like peas with dinner? Daddy likes peas, too". In my past life, as a jet setting singleton, I just looked upon those women with pity … they had clearly lost their minds from spending all their time with their baby (and no time with adults). Now, that's me in the grocery store… please, no judgement.

After a week of feeling like an idiot when doing the sign for "milk" I decided to give up. He wasn't "getting" it and just continued to stare at me like I'm a crazy person. That same evening, I was making dinner and my husband said "you want some milk?" while looking at my son. I looked down and he was signing "milk". Holy cow (no pun intended)! We found that he uses the sign for milk to mean both milk and food… but at least we know why he's cranky, I mean, when he's hungry.

I'm shocked that the baby sign language works… but not really, because my child is clearly a genius. Why do you think he has such a big head?! ; )

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