Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nappy Hour, anyone?

I realized this afternoon (around 4:15 when my child was STILL not asleep for his afternoon nap) that his afternoon nap is when I recharge my batteries ... and get dinner ready on the weekends. I was so frazzled this afternoon (insert child's exhausted screams in the background -he fights sleep) that I opened up a bottle of wine at 4:30 while I made dinner.

If any of you care, I made an awesome butternut squash, sage soup with havarti cheese crostini's (thank you, Giada DiLaurentis). Even my 9 year old step son snarfed it down!

I digress... anyway, as I poured two glasses of wine I decided that I need a break from Baby C in the afternoon just as much as he needs his nap.

I held my glass up to my husband and proclaimed "Happy Nappy Hour". So, if no one else has coined the phrase (and I really don't care if anyone else has) I'm claiming "Nappy Hour" as my own phrase. Nappy hour is when I (gasp) sometimes have a drink, can check my email, check my sanity, take a deep breath, stalk the UPS man (why does he always ring my bell when the baby's asleep... can anyone answer me that?), and recharge my batteries so that I can love and appreciate my son for the love-bug he is.

Happy Nappy Hour, everyone! Cheers!

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