Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Hate Daycare

I been super busy and haven't written a lot lately. Though I was off from work I was working hard... with my child.

Right before Christmas there was an outbreak to strep throat in the "toddler room" of my son's daycare. I didn't work the week after Christmas and assumed that the long weekend would kill any trace of strep that might reside in that room. I went into daycare Dec 27th (hoping to drop him off so that I could get a few hours of downtime from my boy). Well, they had another case of strep creep up. Fearing that my son would be infected, I kept him home for the week.

So there went any plans of thoroughly cleaning the house or getting some post-Christmas mall shopping done. But, I had to pay daycare for the week. I had to pay them so that I could watch my child. How does this make sense?

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